You see on the reverse: A review of Flypside App

what is love someone else the new Facebook memories that appear on your timeline each so often these days? Okay, I admit, sometimes I’m fearful instead of laughter. However, it is always fun to look back over your shoulder.

but what is looking for before and squinting on what is ahead? It is certainly my jam too.

enter Flypside, responds to a focused Facebook on friendship-driven future Tinder mashup which presents a chronology of the face and the ability to contact the right people and find some cool stuff to do.

Flyp App Review


when users create a Flyp, they talk about other users where they are going and when – and they also create a message from Flyp describing what they want to do when they get there.

the main timeline of Flypside is divided into three categories – the upcoming Flyps those connected with app, the Flyps featured users in the world and your own personal chronology of Flyps soon-to-be-amazing-memory. For each of these personal Flyps, you can check ‘ what is ‘ learn more about concerts, parties and other events happening in your destination on these dates, or ‘Find more’ to see the Flyps with others who will be in the same place at the same time as you!

Flyp App Review

Flypside also uses the hashtags to connect groups of key individuals. You are going to a conference? Add the hastag your FLYP to find other participating. En route to a specific Inn? Add the hashtag to meet your dorm mates before check-in. Hoping to graduate colleague of your alma matter or a Greek-condemned man in perpetuity of your sorority or fraternity family could be in Europe at the same time? Add the hashtag and send your alumni association a glance when you encounter. You are looking for a teammate on a solo stay? Add the hashtag and meet someone to blow bubbles with. (As someone who has controlled the lighter in the striking past swiping right on anyone with an underwater photo in their profile simply to try to meet a minimum of dive boat, I am a fan of this feature.)

the application’s other features include a messaging service to reach out to other users and a contact page to keep track of those you have connected with.

Flyp App Review

Flyp App Review


Flypside has an easily navigable interface and a Visual timeline beautifully.

I played a bit with the creation of Flyps for a family vacation, I plan on taking in Chicago in August, a conference, I expect attend Las Vegas in November, one for my current position in Rio de Janeiro and a few others for upcoming possible summer trips. I loved getting to choose my own image of destination – it’s the little things, right? – and loved through a coil of point highest Visual all the fun come in my near future!

Flyp App Review

Flyp App Review


Flypside is free – and in the future, offers great travel deals pourraient , you will save money . For example, to come, if you marked that you are interested in #diving in the next trip Flyp, you could scroll your timeline Flyps featured and see a promotion for an operator of dive offering 15% off travel, or an offer of a local diver who is out of the water all week to borrow or rent their own equipment cheaply.

room for improvement

most of the apps I reviewed here on Alex in Wanderland are relatively new on the market, and therefore my one complaint is a fairly common – base of users growing, and some features are so really go alone to shine once hit a critical mass. That said, in a day of vomit my Rio flyp, I received two messages offering me friendly advice – one of an expat currently living in the city and the other a native who now lives abroad in Milan. Not bad for a new application, eh?

Flyp App Review

Flyp App Review


I see so much potential for Flypside. This is a great tool for connecting distant travelling members of organizations such as fraternities, sororities and colleges, and very cool to connect people sharing the same ideas on what can be extremely large conferences, festivals and events. He also obtained a large number of interesting uses for single travelers who are passionate about things like adventure sports that are often best with a buddy.

I particularly like the application of the use of Flypside to connect guests at the hostel and members of the tour group advance, which may be able to share the transport or simply learn to say hi. I remember my Contiki group is a group on Facebook separated us, but it would have been fun to connect – and find themselves, because many of us have been bopping across Europe advance – before.

but my appearance everyone’s favorite? As a dreamer at heart, I can’t have fun to scroll through your Flyps and marveling at the timeline colored all your future adventures.

download Flypside on your Android and iPhone. I me compensation for my time reviewing this app


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