The sun sets over the picture of the week

two hundred and fifty weeks is a long time. It’s how long will last my picture of the week series.

Sunset Photography

I liked this series to allow me to connect with you guys and share pictures of my weeks where they occur. But all good things come to an end, and it is time that the sun set on this series.

here why

, I realize there are a lot of readers who may not even noticed me gradually a series of old, but for those who have followed along faithfully since the beginning, I have want to give an explanation. When I started blogging, I wanted a way to check often in ‘real time’, with updates simple and casual outside my blog photos which are a labor of love-filled, wordy and exit for weeks or months after I come back from a journey given.

that looks a lot like what social media is, non? At the time, I had a personal Facebook account and not much else. But these days I Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even Snapchat (Finally, when I remember to use it). Lately, I find myself struggling to organise/create enough ‘real time’ content for all channels + my old trusty series Photo of the week.

Sunset Photography

my love for Instagram and Facebook is more and more every day, and I want to focus more on these channels without worrying about repeating myself or ‘save’ the best photos for the Photo of the week. I’m really excited to be much more active on the channels now.

there are other reasons more so business-oriented. Photo of the week posts are fun to read at the moment, but have little relevant information about the long term, which leaves them cluttering my archive and home page with little traffic social or research sources, what is wrong in the general ranking of my site search engine. They often confuse new readers on where I am, and they stress me when it comes to creating an editorial calendar.

so, basically, this is the long version, here’s one short:

• remove a weekly feature gives me more flexibility and freedom in post scheduling

• it releases at the time and content to redirect in my social channels

• (I hope) throughout this will improve my site optimization search engine and rankings

• it gives me the motivation to finally kick start a project that I had wanted to do during of centuries… a newsletter!

Sunset Photography

what’s Next

it’s true, I run a newsletter! This has been on my wish list for ages, and I’m so excited to be checking. Not a single one is something I personally wanted to do, he was also a frequent request of those who love follow Alex in Wanderland by e-mail but find my messages sent automatically every day to be too frequent. That said, I know that many of you like this feature, so I keep both options open. (And by the way, thanks to my dream designer team to still bound to make the logistics work for me.) If you are looking for a redesign of the site, you’d be lucky to have on your crew!)

what to expect from each other? Every Sunday I’ll send a staff, posts to update in real time as if you were familiar with the photo of the week, followed by links to blog of the week, an inspiring quote from travel, as well as some of my most popular entries Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. And who knows what else? A blog comment average week? A sassy take on the news of the trip? Photos of random baby animals doing cute stuff? (Okay, I’ll try to hold off on the last.) This is all new to me and I plan to have fun to play and find the right person. Suggestions are welcome!

If you are already registered for the latest posts, you will need to register to the newsletter separately. If you are not registered for either, I would be honored to have you on board. Sign up here and you give a big ‘ ol five top for me! I’ll be kicking things off this coming Sunday with an update of my arrival in the Brazil.

in the end, I think it will be a positive change on all fronts. A more personal and sincere weekly email update for the inner circle who want more and more frequent, substantial content here on the blog for those who want than most. Me? I want both. And I am so grateful, as always, for you guys pick up the love that I am belittling.

Sunset Photography

excited to hear from you guys on it! Let me know what you think in the!

Featured Blogs

looking for new travel blogs to obsessed by? Curious to know what’s new? Looking for the perfect gift for the wanderluster in your life? Each month, I share an inspiring selection of travel blogs, travel plans and travel shops here! Are not just these colleagues contractors following their passions and creation of content beautiful, they are also supports Alex in Wanderland advertising in my sidebar this month – please help by checking their sites and cheers. (Thence forward, these recommended bloggers will be announced in the newsletter of the first of the month).

, now we’re going to shine the spotlight on Alex in Wanderland featured bloggers for April!

walking heels Carolina may well have one of the coolest jobs of day on the planet (and I say that as someone who is often accused of having one of the coolest jobs of day on the planet!) A documentary producer slash Director with any incurable nostalgia and his penchant for telling stories? You just know this blog is going to be good.

why I love this Blog: can we speak of word game fun? Post titles as hard Goa or Goa House keep me clicking on – and I’ve been smarter when it came to appoint my own entries!

Korean blogger American Nie Nie’s adventures with Nie Nie hails from California and has many stamps in passports due to military family upbringing. It refers to the various countries of the Philippines, Korea and the Italy as travel faves and reflects the destinations in its colored messages.

why I love this Blog: as someone who has just spent 50 + hours in transit, I appreciate his practical messages like how to stay entertained on flights.

Rachel Elizabeth is an English-teaching, flying-phobic travel addict who has been transformed by travel. His blonde blog Wayfarer follows his travels in Europe, North America and beyond.

why I love this Blog: she is brutally honest about difficult things, like the cancellation of a trip long awaited for personal reasons. As someone who has done the same thing, I appreciate reading someone else’s thought process.

long Alex Wanderland readers might recognize from heaven vs heavenly world of the section – and now I’m so excited to have in the sidebar too! A small town Pennsylvanian with a love of all things Central America and bravery to get out of his comfort zone, you’ll be cheering him as well as all the posts.

why I love this Blog: frankly, I see so much of my own journey of the sky – a girl has pulled up to do something totally crazy and outside both his own and comfort zone of his community and equal parts fear and determined to do so.

Natalie is originally from Idaho, but his travel history to call many places home, it is studied in Europe, Asia and Latin America, worked for the Peace Corps in Madagascar and Americorps in Ecuador.

why I love this Blog: praise Ferreira are put to use amazing for positions such as five political ways affect travel, interspersed with the usual colorful travelogues.
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