Surprise! I’m in the United Kingdom

Surprise – I’m in the land of the union jacks and mandatory umbrellas! This trip has been in the works for a while now, but since it wasn’t even a twinkle in my eyes when I wrote on my trip planned for 2016 plans, I never really had the time to announce it.

after all, this isn’t like here was burning a hole in my bucket of return list. I’ve been three times before and I did not hesitate to share that initially, I had trouble finding love for the capital of London. Yet, as many of my travels are, this one is born more than visiting friends and taking advantage of circumstances that turn the world and meet one of my dreams of travel.

United Kingdom Map

so how has this a subject come? Well, a trip from late August to Newfoundland to visit the family of Ian once he made with his contract to plant trees in the summer was a must. After that, the world was wide open for us! We have in fact discuss following one of our dream trips, like a road trip to Jamaica or a jump around the Uruguay. But in the back of my mind all the time was the fact that two of our best friends in the world – Brian and Amy of Koh Tao – would be back in the United Kingdom, visit to Amy’s family at this time. And only an hour from five and a half live London night of St. John’s Wort – and prices less $200 USD go when we started looking! -We were certainly intrigued. (We ended up paying more because the universe cursed me with the inability to ever buy a flight at a low price that I find everything first, but regardless, it’s always a good deal). But as a first step, we just could not get super happy about returning to a place we had been a couple of times and felt quite familiar.

yet not long after the departure of Koh Tao this spring, I was feeling ridiculously melancholy and missing my crew it is enormously, and in a fit of nostalgia, I called Ian and told him I wanted to get to the United Kingdom. So we did! But anxiety was not finished, had then wrestle with the creation of a route. I’ve been to England three times now and haven’t seen them anywhere outside London and Manchester, so for this trip, I was determined to get a more complete view of the country. As I’m not really one for castles or the culture of ye once, we more focused on the eccentric and the pleasure of today – and of course, where we had friends. Over time, our enthusiasm for this trip grew and grew and now we really couldn’t be happier to be here. This is what we end up with.

Brighton Brighton has been obvious. It is probably the city in UK, I was more concerned to visit during my last few trips, and so we made it a top priority at the moment. Make things easier was the fact that direct flights from St-Jean go directly to Gatwick Airport, conveniently located to midway between London and Brighton. It’s a quick and easy way half an hour trying to walk-boarding gates.

while many simply visit Brighton on a day trip to London, we really wanted the time to get acquainted with this eccentric beach town, and so we splurged on three nights in a lovely bed and breakfast and planned to enjoy the beach, lazy days checking the quirky attractions of the city and enjoy some time alone after a summer spent outside followed by a few weeks of a tour of each and other families in the United States and the Canada.

Two Weeks in the UK


after three collective weeks in London in recent years, I really found a liking to him and had a hard time to devote three days only for this trip! But with so many places and people we wanted to see, sacrifices had to be made.

the part that really broke my heart, is that many of my close friends in London are out of town the weekend we chose to be there, and as we are popping in and out so fast that I won’t have time to see some of them. Who killed me! But focusing on the positive, I get to spend a lot of time with my dear friend, dear Koh Tao friend Kat, who Ian break with and I also catch up with the other friend of Koh Tao Freya. Essentially, we distribute the reigns over to Kat for our three nights in London – and I do not know she has a few adventures wild nightlife in store!

leaving London, we actually rented a car. With rail service super efficient and drive a little annoying, it’s an unusual choice for the trip to England. But at some point of the planning process, I was in talks with a brand of travel on this trip as a road trip and am quite happy with some of the ideas that I’ve been thinking. When the case fell through – and to be honest, it’s a relief to be on an independent adventure at the present time, we have always liked some of what we had sketched with a rental car. So, since we have our own wheels leaving London, we will take a break at the distillery of Gin Bombay beautiful followed a Stonehenge stop.

Two Weeks in the UK

bristol and Bath

next stop, the nearby cities of Bristol and Bath! Bristol has really caught my attention as the home of the iconic British street artist Banksy. She is also the seat of one of Ian of Koh Tao bartending friends, who love it too. We looked at historical accommodation Bath and modern Bristol, and while the bath is the most beloved of the two tourists we ended up indulging a hip really AirBnB in Bristol who absolutely, we fell in love with.

on the itinerary is a Festival of cinema of ocean, spotting street art, and soak in the bath of healing waters. Because we will be split them between two attractive destinations, I feel our three nights here will be a little hectic!

Two Weeks in the UK

Liverpool leaving Bristol, we plan to spend a lazy day through in the Cotswolds, an incredibly picturesque district on the way to Liverpool. Here, we will connect with Brian and Amy, the reunion that this trip has been designed around! We will spend one night in the family of Amy meets Liverpool before flying off for a road trip to their cabin in the Wales for a weekend.

after our little road trip, I swing back by Liverpool for a second night to stay with my dear friend beaks of Indonesia and meet the little munchkin she was pregnant when I was doing my Divemaster.

Two Weeks in the UK

of Anglesey in Wales. I don’t care if the list of countries of the United Nations puts it in the rest of the United Kingdom… I it counts as a new tick on the list countries Wanderland, and bringing my total to thirty-four. I have absolutely no idea of what to expect from our waterfront from three nights to Anglesey, but I know that we could not ask for a better society.

Two Weeks in the UK

even with two weeks, we couldn’t go anywhere we wanted to go in this tiny island! We were dying to get in Cornwall, but when we booked the first choice of AirBnBs until nearly six months at the beginning, we took it as a sign that it was not our time. On top, one of my best friends from London Lou moves there this year, I would rather put for my next visit when I can be around by a local.

Fortunately, I think there’s always be a ‘next time’ for me and the United Kingdom. Here at SIP ciders, a tribute to the hometown of the Spice Girls and waterproof elegant packaging.

any advice for this trip, my travel friends brilliant?


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