Photo of the Week 248: Koh Tao

Greetings from Koh Tao! I’m settled back on the island after my longest trip since September, a nearly two-week jaunt that brought me from Khao Yai to Bangkok to Hua Hin and finally down to Khao Sok. It was an amazing trip but it felt damn good to be home. I still feel like I’m playing catch up — when do I not? — and am busy cranking out tons of content, a few site updates and a billion emails behind the scenes. The great thing about living on Koh Tao is that when it’s time to step away from the laptop for a few hours, there’s a whole island playground to enjoy! This week I attended two yoga workshops, finally found a hiking route I’d been hearing rumors of for ages, went for a trapeze session, and even squeezed in an hour (literally one but better than none!) at the beach.

This week I’m looking forward to checking tons of items off my to-do list as well as celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, Thai style! Here on the blog I’ll have a few final posts from my road trip headed your way — I’m already excited for you to read them. What’s on your agenda for the week? You know, other than picking a Photo of the Week, that is… 😉

Happy Sunday!

Photo A

Acrobatics on Koh TaoAn afternoon acro yoga workshop and a swing on the trapeze

Photo B

Hiking Koh TaoA view from the end of a deep jungle hike

Photo C

Eating Koh TaoKoh Tao eats — coconut water and mango sesame salad

Photo D

Sunset Koh TaoCheers to another week in paradise

Which photo is your favorite?


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