Photo of the Week 246: Bangkok and Hua Hin

What a week! Last time I checked in, our big ‘ol group of friends from Koh Tao had just soaked up the spoils of the Khao Yai wine region. This week, the party continued with a three-day birthday celebration in Bangkok with the whole crew and next, a quiet retreat down to seaside Hua Hin with Ian. Bangkok is, of course, a regular repeat destination for me, but Hua Hin was a brand new (and long awaited!) one.

While I’d scheduled three posts prior to this departure and hoped to complete five more from the road, I’ve struggled to finish just three while traveling. Even this one is going up a day or two late, due to delayed transit, crippling motion sickness, and general poor planning. But for once I’ve tried not to beat myself up about it — I’ll share all my travels with you eventually, regardless of which particular days they are published!

With just one more destination to go on this particular adventure — my biggest since touching down in Thailand in September — I’m going to soak up every moment. Now that I’m living a much more settled life, my time traveling feels more precious and appreciated than ever. Stay tuned for next week’s snaps of Khao Sok National Park — and in the meantime, I’ll be posting more about my American Southwest road trip! As usual, see you in the …

Photo A

Red Sky Bar BangkokAn eye over Bangkok

Photo B

Amari Watergate BangkokThe colorful Amari Watergate Bangkok

Photo C

Bangkok Railway StationThe Hualamphong Train Station

Photo D

Amari Hua HinThe modern Hua Hin Amari

Photo E

Hua Hin Hills VineyardOne final Thailand winery — Hua Hin Hills!

Which photo is your favorite?

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