Photo of the week 245: Khao Yai

greetings from Bangkok! Those who follow along on my Instagram know that I just spent the most surprising a few days to explore the wine region of Thailand with a group of twelve of my most loved and the most expensive of Koh Tao. Well Yes, the Thailand has a wine-growing region, and yeah, I survived to plan a trip there for twelve! Khao Yai campaign is a very popular holiday destination for Thais but very rarely visited by Westerners – part of the draw of the area for me was whether I would get to write all kinds of juicy (pun grape? anyone?) content to help other travellers to get there also. Stay tuned!

was my favourite trip, I took a long time – a challenge and an adventure to plan and incredibly rewarding to run. I am happy with the most amazing group of friends and learn to explore a new destination set in a country call us at home (at least part-time, in my case!) is a memory I will cherish. In particular, a destination as beautiful and peaceful than this one.

now we are all back in Bangkok, spend a few days to soak up the joys of the big city before returning, eventually, our small island. And in Wanderland this week, I am looking forward to the kickoff of the cover of my mini-roadtrip across the American Southwest, I am so excited! Can’t wait to see you all in la.

picture A

Khao Yai Thailand Wine Region Päivi and Chris hit the harvest



Khao Yai Thailand Wine Region bottle back to the vine

picture C

Khao Yai Thailand Wine Region happy girls in grapes

picture D

Khao Yai Thailand Wine Region pitching in

picture E

Khao Yai Thailand Wine Region vineyard inspired desserts

photo which is your favorite?


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