One last night in Rio: fold in Copacabana to plan my next move

One Last Night in Rio: Retreating to Copacabana To Plan My Next Move post image

the spontaneous decision to cancel our trip to the Iguaçu Falls has been calling very probably the best I’ve done in the Brazil. A few seconds to decide to skip our flights and spend two nights alone in the State of Rio de Janeiro instead, I felt a weight lift off of me. But I was still a major decision let: where to spend the last leg of my trip, after the departure of Heather gave me solo.

, I was big time subterfuge. I have fully intended to make a decision before that I never made it to the Brazil, but kept put it off and put it off until literally less than twenty-four hours before the departure of Heather. After a blessed night bonus in Buzios, we decided to spend our last night and day together in style – to splurge on a night in a hotel on the beach in Copacabana. For about $80 each, we would have a rooftop pool overlooking the beach, a hotel, a hotel gym sumptuous breakfast and welcome champagne – sold! We had never actually done at Copacabana beach during our previous week in Rio, favouring the Ipanema instead, so we were happy to see that all this fuss was about.

Porto Bay Rio International

Rio Flag Canga on Copacabana Beach

MU, this spontaneous thing and-indulgent-decision-making? Amazing! The rooms of our hotel, Rio PortoBay, are nothing special, but the views? Value of all property , we had paid for them.

during the formation of bubbles on our rooftop pool, Heather and I went on the options for my next move. Together, we approached São Paulo, Paraty, Ilha Grande, Rio and Buzios – and now, I got the Brazil to choose. In fact, I even considered beating down for the Argentina and spent a week with a friend of my sister in Buenos Aires (too cold, I decided in the end). Slowly, I rejected several of my other ideas. Another week in Rio in a busy hostel? (In fact, I couldn’t wait to check somewhere again.) A trip to the wonderderland of contemporary art of Inhotim and the colonial mining towns of Minas Gerais? (Not a not seeming the most fun place to travel solo.)

Aerial View of Copacabana Beach

Aerial View of Copacabana Beach

Finally, I narrowed my choices to three, and turned to my page on Facebook to get advice. And y ‘ All don’t me didn’t give up! I had tons of positive comments when I asked to help decide between these three:

• Brasilia: I was always fascinated by the architecture of the capital of the Brazil, and it was incredibly cheap and simple to do.

• Jericoacoara and Lençóis Maranhenses: my heart told me to go here, despite the fact that it was logistically difficult, expensive, and about as far as I could get to Rio. But this beach girl just loved the idea of say goodbye to Brazil on the sand!

• bonito and Pantanal: it was the best time of year to go to these destinations of top of page of wildlife, although they are destinations expensive and glasses slightly logistically difficult to plan. I was particularly attracted by the freshwater diving opportunities.

now guys, I must confess something. I tried to change my flight home from the beginning. it is no secret that I really struggle with some of the miscommunication and frustrations that we had met in the Brazil, and so a full stop for the first time in years and years of being obsessed with travel, I tried to simply throw in the towel on a trip and head to New York to see my family. Brazil had proved to be more overwhelming than expected way and I just wasn’t sure I could do it without Heather laughed at least along the way with.

ultimately ticket change fees were more than one thousand dollars and therefore price fairly quickly which eliminated from the race. Looking back, I am so, so thankful, I could not change this post – because what came next ended up being the highlight of the trip.

View from Porto Bay Rio Hotel
picture of Heather Holt photography

View from Porto Bay Rio Hotel Photo of Heather Holt photography

View from Porto Bay Rio Hotel
picture of Heather Holt photography

in the end, one thing made the decision for me: the fear of loneliness.

, I had been warned that the Brazil was a tricky spot of solo trip if you speak no Portuguese, as most of the hostels are filled with domestic travelers (very cool if you don’t speak the local language!) and the Brazil is ignored by many hikers who are frightened by the rising prices and visa requirements stricter than those of neighbouring countries.

I brushed these reports prior to arrival, but in the course of time, I was upset by precise how they were for us, as well. Look, I my lov solo travel e – but I have never been happier to have Heather on my side! More I looked in Brasilia and Bonito, the more convinced I was that I eventually feel quite isolated and spend my trip more or less completely in my own business. In some cases, it would be exactly what I was looking for. At that time, he comes to solitary.

I booked a flight for less than twenty-four hours later in Fortaleza, Brazil – the gateway to Jericoacoara.

View from Porto Bay Rio Hotel picture of Heather Holt photography

Porto Bay Rio Rooftop Pool picture of Heather Holt photography

to celebrate my decision, we headed to the beach!

one thing, I wasn’t celebrating? The price of my flight. The Brazil is not very conducive to spontaneous travel – flight prices were extremely reasonable when I was researching a few months but absolutely exploded close to the departure date, leaving little room in the wing. One of the things that really pushed me to cancel the trip Iguacu falls was that I waited too long to book a flight away falls and at the time wherever I really need to make a decision on where to go next, they just painfully astronomically price! As in literally, the day before, we cancelled I started to search for flights and actually burst into tears. And uh, Yes, considering the distances between the Iguaçu and anywhere , something other than the ticket was an automatic no

from Rio flights were thankfully a bit more reasonable but also had increased a lot since my first research. Fortunately, I had the resources to stretch, but it would certainly have been preferable – from the financial point of view, anyway – to book in advance. If you want the flexibility to the Brazil, it seems you really have to pay for it.

Copacabana Beach

Vendors on Copacabana Beach picture of Heather Holt photography

once more, I felt a huge relief after making my choice. I think that I felt as if I’m a diver, I should go to Bonito. Because the flights were cheap, I should go to Brasilia. Instead, I chose the option less practical, more expensive and more logistically difficult to go to Jericoacoara.

but dang, it was just good to follow my heart.

Rio Flag Canga on Copacabana Beach picture of Heather Holt photography

Vendors on Copacabana Beach picture of Heather Holt photography

Fishing Boat off Copacabana Beach picture of Heather Holt photography

after a day beautifully lazy Beach and the pool, we headed out of a toast at the last night of our trip with tapas to Zot. Unfortunately, I’m a failure in reading of the opening hours of the restaurant and we soon found ourselves wandering the streets looking for a replacement. and here, we stumbled on El Born, another restaurant for tapas absolutely fabulous that our friend from Barcelona has confirmed through my stream in direct-text of our meal was incredibly authentic.

of course, we don’t have a lot with our last 24 hours in Rio. But unlike our first full week packed, it was bliss. Personally, I preferred wildly Ipanema Copacabana hip more touristy, but they are two beautiful stretches of sand. Our treat-you-same-palooza was the perfect ending to the last chapter of Heather and I same GlobeTrotter friendship!

Porto Bay Rio Champagne Welcome Drink

and with a long, sad hug goodbye, I was off to the North of the Brazil – solo-combat!


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