Chock Dee! Cheers for a visit to drink in Koh Samui

while I continue to summarize the rest of my summer without end, I decided to jump out of chronological order and start sharing excerpts from what I’ve been up to since I reached Asia South-East, this fall. Thanks for coming along on this roller coaster ride!

when Ian and I planned our trip to Koh Samui, this fall, we were all about to play the tourist point. However, I was a little stumped on what to do for the day would have us put aside for a ride, join an activity of big or do some serious visits. The weather in November is capricious, who decided whatever it is dependent on a high dose of vitamin d. And with this being my fifth trip by night on the island, I had already seen most of the major temples and waterfalls, while I was not opposite to see once again, I was curious to try something new. So I continued to watch. And finally, I stumbled on Viator intriguing visit tasting drinks. Considering that we mainly intend to spend our three days on the island to eat and drink everything in sight, it seemed to be the perfect complement to our itinerary.

Koh Samui Drinks Tasting Tour

because it was a true holiday and I was off the clock, I’ve booked and paid for this tour myself and did not intend to make a complete report. But I had some as surprisingly good point, how could I not? Well Yes, I like Viator so I use the same when I’m not on the job and happily pay for it. It is about my criteria of acceptance of any partnership of the brand, but it’s fun when I get to prove it.

we took at our hotel at 10:00 by English expat Gavin, a resident of eight years of Koh Samui. We would spend a lot of time to cross the island by car throughout the day, but our chatty banter about life in Thailand on two neighbours but very different islands meant that it flew by.

Koh Samui Rum Distillery Tour

Magic Alambic Rum Distillery

our first stop was one of Koh and single destination island-made rum, Magic Alambic distillery. Nestled in the corner of the southeast of the island, Magic still is simple and rustic. There is no sightseeing, just tasting, although Gavin has done leads us to search for large machines in the back at the finish.

our tasting consisted of a straight line and a lemon infused rum, as well as home-made syrup mixer produced on-site; a secret recipe based in brown sugar and lime juice. The distillery is used to produce nearly a dozen flavors, although both that we tasted had been recently suspended due to the technicalities of the ever-changing local liquor laws. We loved chat briefly with the owner, Tony, a conversation that suggested how much frustrating producers of alcohol in a conservative country like the Thailand can really be.

Koh Samui Rum Distillery Tour

Magic Alambic Rum Distillery

Koh Samui Rum Distillery Tour

, while our tasting has been included in the tour, shots are 50 baht coin if drill you through on your own steam. We also took home a bottle of rum and a bottle of the fittings of the House, who were around 150 and 250 baht ($4 and $7US) each. There is also a French restaurant on-site, thought the rumor the place is closed on Mondays, so call in advance if you intend to have a meal here.

Koh Samui Rum Distillery Tour

Koh Samui Rum Distillery Tour

next, it was a visit to dealer only local Thai wine in Samui. Thai wine produced is still relatively new and still seriously under – radar, but I predict it will grow in popularity as Thai winemakers become more sophisticated in their techniques and their residents and tourists are more interested to consume products the and supporting local businesses.

to learn more, we stopped in a shop owned by a Thai woman named Nuch , a champion for the wines produced locally. Once again, as much as we enjoyed sampling different white, red and fruit infusions, our favorite aspect was listening to our stories of hosts on Affairs, alcohol and life on the big island.

technically the tour included three wines, but I stopped counting and Nuch generously kept casting. She was just as free-handed with his knowledge of vineyards and wineries in the country. At the time where we started just planning a trip to the region of Khao Yai wine of Thailand – a journey that we leave for this week! – and Nuch is a mine of information. We left with two bottles; a gift for friends and a gift for us.

Koh Samui wine tasting

at that time we were certainly feel joyous, and so it was perfectly timed calm that our next stop would mean a hearty lunch. Well, lunch and a cocktail DIY class. It was a round of drinks, after all…

Koh Samui Drink Tasting Tour

now, let’s be honest here. When I book a tour that includes dinner, my expectations are usually pretty darn low. Sometimes they are outdated and it’s great, but usually they aren’t. When you book this special tour, I expect breakfast to be some basic pad thai – like dishes in a nondescript roadside restaurant, and that would have been fine. But what Gavin has in store for us? It was a full-on game changer.

Ian and I looked at each other and cracked when we arrived at Artizen, the judgment for our lunch and make your own cocktail session. While put together our list to all the places we wanted to eat and drink in Samui, the highly recommended Artizen was high on the list. However, we had more restaurants on the list only available during which inside eating meals, and so after a long discussion, we decided to hold off on Artizen until next time. So imagine our joy in learning that we had not to!

and fortunately we did not have. The organic garden, the gourmet spread, the cocktails of welcome creative and the experience fun to make our own with the owner of the restaurant – it all added up to a place well in contention for our favorite destination of the day.

Artizen Koh Samui

Artizen Koh Samui

, we had one stop more in store, a visit to one of Koh and only brewery, bees knees Brewpub. While I’m not a fan of beer, I drank politely on the flight of four samples and generously donated my complete half-pint to Ian.

bees Knees is located in the heart of Chaweng, and while the tour ended around 4:00 pm, we could choose be driven to our hotel or drag the buzziest Samui area.

Koh Samui Brewery

, we couldn’t stop raving about this tour with each other or our friends loving liquor on Koh Tao. $ 72 per person, we felt like we got a good deal considering everything included – rum tasting, wine tasting, beer tasting, cocktail tasting and manufacturing and an extravagant lunch – and what you would pay in a cabin roughly overstated wrinkles if you tried to do everything yourself.

still Gavin went well beyond simply a designated driver, and we really enjoyed spending the day with him. His experience in the food and beverage industry was palpable, as his passion to support local businesses. Cheers – or as they say in Thailand, dee hold – to that.

Koh Samui Booze Tour

Koh Samui Booze Tour

I can not recommend this day above for those wishing to discover another facet in Koh Samui. Have you ever taken a round of drinks on our travels?

, while I am an Ambassador Viator, regardless I booked and paid for this tour. Of course, now as always, you get my opinion honest and unfiltered.


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