2016 Earth Day: going green in the blue

happy earth day – or, more accurately, I refer to it, taking into account the planet is greater than 70% salt water – Happy Day of the ocean!

divers are among the more humans on the planet – after all, their favorite pastime is to get up close and personal with some of his most beautiful and delicate eco-systems. Divers have launched hundreds of environmental initiatives around the world and are often in a first line of defense of the ocean. And yet we are all work in progress, including me!

you wonder how you can travel green on a trip of diving in the blue? Read on for seven suggestions and a few applications for more ideas!

Bermuda Scuba Diving

Diving Santa Catalina Panama

1. Choose wisely

selection of dive eco-conscious operator, centres, resorts and destinations overall is probably the most important step you can take green plunge.

when it comes to choosing a destination, it’s the fun part! Turn to reward destinations which have put a lot of efforts to protect their natural resources. Bonaire, which is almost entirely surrounded by a heavily regulated Marine Park, is the most impressive I’ve personally visited. Looking for more ideas? Discover Hopespots, areas highlighted by the Blue Mission organization dedicated to ignite public support for a global network of marine protected areas. Their namesake documentary is open the eyes and moving. Have you been to a green destination that inspired you? I would like to know if I can add to my bucket list!

when it comes to the selection of a station or a hotel for your dive trip, do not accept the promises of green at their nominal value, many are little more than brilliant marketing. Dig a bit to see where the hotel gets its energy from, how he keeps it, where it gets its water, how it keeps it and how it recycles and reduces waste.

when it comes to choosing a dive operator, this post from my friend Kristin Addis is a good start. In addition, organizations such as green fins guide dive centres in Southeast Asia on how to be more sustainable and eco-friendly – their list of members, it is a good point to jump.

Dive Green

2. Stay Close

you will never hear me discourage international passenger traffic, but try to move things to the top by getting an occasional fix at a local dive site that doesn’t require air transport. You will support your local economy, connect to your local dive community, and reduce your carbon emissions.

during your dive trips require a stop at the booth at the airport, consider offsetting your carbon emissions. This is one of my own goals personal greening for the upcoming year – research on a carbon offset program I believe in and buy one for each flight, I take. Any recommendations? Em debit in the!

Diving in Bonaire

3. Join the movement

is participating in local sustainability events both at home and on the road. Specialized environmental travel volunteers to help shoot down the lionfish or help on reef investigations can be instructive and enriching, signing events as a day of diving against debris or a Finathon can be fun and put you face to face with passengers sharing the same ideas. Would you like to search for events in your area or upcoming destinations? Check lists on the Project Aware events table.

Dive Green

4. Consume consciously

between overfishing, contamination of reef and the recent revelations about slavery in the seafood industry, being aware of what is on your plate, and how he got there – is more critical than ever. Personally, I have fully renounce seafood, but I understand that for some divers, fresh fish on the grill at night is as much a part of this journey from dive as fresh fish on the reef in the morning.

seafood Watch, it is easy to eat seafood sustainably with guides Printable Pocket and mobile apps for iPhone and Android. The guide is broken down by region and sorts the options in best, good, and avoid categories based on a number of well-considered environment and health factors.

If you are traveling to a destination where the shark frequently presents in the menus, consider print these maps of campaign anti-finning and distribute them restaurants serving.

Dive Green

5. Dive lasting

leave only bubbles, take pictures only. Keep your hands for you. The practice of good buoyancy control – consider the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course if you ‘ do you feel not confident in your ability not to damage the reef with your fins or body. Don’t fish feed or diving with the operators that do. If you see garbage on your dive and you can remove safe (ie. without causing damage to yourself or around coral), do so. You want more? Project Aware has a list of ten tips on how to dive lasting.

following sustainable practices of diving, show us respect for the oceans, lakes and rivers that greet us generously on our underwater adventures.

Dive Green

6. Carefully packed

I’m always on the lookout for travel products that will allow me to travel more sustainably. Here are a few I have personally tried and tested:

use • personal water filtration devices that reduce single plastics – I don’t leave home without a!

• solid shampoo and solid conditioner that use environmentally friendly ingredients, reduce shipping emissions and reduce the plastics in disposable, they are always in my bag!

• Kit manual storage that reduces water fresh using

• and some bonus in a previous gathering of Earth Day!

a single product, I am interested in adding to my arsenal? Sunscreen without danger of reefs. Stay tuned for a position of balancing the pros and cons and test a few different brands this summer! Anything else I should add to the list?

Dive Green

7. Share widely

, we talked a lot about this lately on Alex in Wanderland – it is not always easy or comfortable to talk to others to be green. But, I think that we all agree, it is worth.

then express yourself! If you are staying in a hotel with sustainable practices that make you smile, let them know. If you dive with an operator that does something that makes you uncomfortable, tell them about that too. (This is an area that I can improve in. I’m great thank people who are good things, but often shy to speak up when I’m unhappy with something like fish eat on a dive site). And do not hesitate to make a friendly recommendation to some safe application of seafood, or Gush about your favorite friends green diving destinations. Good ideas? They are infectious.

Diving in Roatan

Diving Chumphon Dive Site

happy Day Earth!


this message is brought to you by PADI initiative AmbassaDiver PADI. 


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